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Monday, December 12, 2005


Data Recovery Program

The best practice is to always backup your files. Good thing that there's a lot of data recovery program online that can help us retrieve even the crashed and corrupted files.


To save you files and folders you can try IBackup for Windows (http://www.ibackup.com/ibwin_new.htm). It’s the best choice for secure, fast and reliable backups of all your important data. A main feature of this application is that it performs incremental and compressed backups that greatly reduce your network bandwidth by transferring only portions of file that were modified or changed.

With 128-bit SSL security, IBackup for Windows has easy-to-use wizards for interactive backups, restores and backup/restore scheduling. It automatically selects the most common user data. The `Snapshots’ feature allows an IBackup account holder to view files and folders stored in the IBackup account during the previous days. You can also backup open files like Outlook files and Quicken files and MS Exchange and SQL server databases with IBackup for Windows.

It’s very easy to manage multimedia files with 'IDrive Multimedia' (http://www.ibackup.com/IDrive_mmedia.htm), as you have to simply move these files and play them using a media player. IDrive can map the online account as a local drive on the computer. IDrive for Mac is an excellent desktop interface that allows drag-and-drop of files between your Mac desktop and IBackup. Check it out; it is even better than idisk.

Share files and folders with Web-Manager. You have to login to this browser-based application to create folders, delete and share files or folders for collaborative access. The `Private Share’ feature in Web-Manager allows an IBackup account holder to instantly share portions of the account with another IBackup user. With Web-Manager it is also possible to play your favorite audio or video files stored in your IBackup account as its ‘Media Gallery’ feature allows you to manage all your media files, and photos.

Finally, if you want to try a more secure application, there is IBackup Professional (http://www.ibackup.com/professional/)for you. The backed up files and folders backup are encrypted with a user-defined key so that nobody except the user can decrypt it. You can also restore up to 30 prior versions, including the most recent version of the data files.

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